Igniting passion in gaming, growing game ecosystem in Thailand.

At Bonfire Gathering, we aim to serve our players with the best gaming experience and create a sense of belonging to a common growing ecosystem.


Our Story

Established by a collective with strong passion & expertise in games publishing and development, Bonfire Gathering is a gaming and entertainment provider. As individuals, we enjoy gaming and creating entertainment. As a collective, we aim to provide immersive and fun experiences and at the same time, enable our community to further create and together manifest the future.


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Foster synergy and incubate ecosystems, enabling creation from gamers, content creators and game developers.

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Glocalization in world building, representing local culture in a universal game metaverse.

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Drive sustainable innovation, enabling and manifesting future creations.


Established force in Thai Media as well as deep expertise in mobile games selection, launch, operations and optimization.

Game operations team with extensive experience in the industry, operations products from top global companies such as Tencent, Netease, Activision and Sea.

Our expertises include:

  • Game Team & Product Management
  • Game Pre-Publishing
  • Game Localization & Optimization
  • Game Marketing
  • Influencer & Viral Marketing
  • Broadcasting & Esports
  • Branding & Partnerships
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Thailand leading digital media house by A-list actor/singer celebrity.

  • More than 8m subscribers/followers and over 700m views on all official channels.
  • Presence and creator to movies, TV Series, variety programs and radio shows.


Extensive data-driven operation experience, with strategic local insights on publisher & game branding, game marketing for user acquisition, and revenue optimization

Synergy Amongst Gaming Ecosystem Creators

Creative autonomy to developers to dictate game direction, collaborative spirit to create contents that best fit market

Incubating content creators & esports grassroots, fostering innovation and grow market potential

Maximizing Game Potential

As a data-driven team, we stay attentive to user feedback & behavior ensuring optimized process design that leads to high user satisfaction in the form of lifetime-value (LTV)

Glocalization in World Building

As a local service provider, we aim to create a sense of belonging for our users by representing and introducing local culture to the universal world of games

Serving & Growing User Communities

24/7 user service & support, ensuring smoothness in experience

Attentive to trends, user behavior and feedback. Investing in continuous user research to optimize product direction


Our Vision

Manifesting the next generation
Push forth a new wave in Thai gaming, igniting passion and liberating the industry

Our Mission

We recognize and embrace the diversity within the gaming community and aim for everyone to be represented within our games
In doing so, we aim to enhance the experience of Thai gaming and inspire the next generation of gamers

Our Core Values

SERVE our community
STRIVE for excellence
SEED future creation


Passionate in creating impact and wish to develop the Thai game ecosystem? Join our collective at Bonfire Gathering! 

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